This elegant snifter glass with warmer stand is the ideal gift for all Brandy & Cognac connoisseurs!

The stand is silver plated and comes complete with a tealight. 

The design is hand etched for a permanent personalisation. 


This gift will be well received by all Brandy & Cognac lovers and is suitable for all occassions including Birthday's, Retirement and especially a cosy tipple for Christmas!


Frame: H 12.5cm Ø 10.5cm
Glass: H 13cm Ø 8.5cm

• Glass Volume: 400ml (14oz)
• Glass Weight: 180g
• Frame Weight: 158g

• 1 x Silver Plated Brandy Warmer Frame
• 1 x Tealight
• 1 x Tealight Holder
• 1 x Brandy Glass

Glass etching process - When etching cream is applied to the glass it chemically burns a layer leaving being a delicate frosted effect.

Personalised Brandy & Cognac Warmer Set, Snifter Glass Stand and Tealight

  • Wash thorougly before first use. 

    The glass is dishwasher safe. Hand wash the stand and tea light holder.