Ever been in the hot tub and your drink is going down too quickly? These glasses should help with that!

Pour to the 60 minute mark to save yourself getting out the tub :) 


The price includes 2 glasses - choose between Gin, Wine, Pint or Whiskey glasses. 

Dishwash safe.


Gin Glass

Capacity: 63cl 

Height: 42.0CM

Width: 45.2CM

Depth: 68.0CM


Wine Glass

Height: 19.5CM

Width: 8.3CM

Depth: 8.3CM


Pint Glass

Capacity: 1pint

Height: 18.5CM

Material: Glass


Whiskey Glass

Capacity: 345ml (12.1oz)

Height: 87mm

Diameter at top: 70mm

Hot Tub Fill Lines Glass set - Gin, Whiskey, Pint or Wine glass

  • Wash thoroughly before first use. 

    Dishwasher safe