The Laser Engraver for Small Businesses

If you are a small business and you are forever researching ways to grow to the next level, I want to share with you how I successfully created a solid business that enables me to work for myself, from home and at the pace I choose.

This is not a 'get rich quick' scheme and I am not about to tell you that working for a couple of hours a day will create a 6 figure salary. Instead, this is a realistic plan to get your business to the next level. I also have a discount code for you to get you started! (See end of blog)

I started selling personalised glassware through my own website and Etsy. I quickly realised that, at full capacity, I could make around 15-20 glasses a day. That really limits my growth and so I researched ways to make it easier for me. That's when I decided I would purchase a laser engraver. These machines can engrave a glass in around 3-8 minutes (depending on the design) meaning I could produce a lot more and have time to do other things while the machine was running.

My requirements were:

  • It must be suitable for use in my home

  • It has to be user friendly

  • It is essential that I have technical support available to me

I was a complete rookie to the laser engraving world, I new nothing about the machines and how they worked. When I first started looking I landed on the eBay laser engravers, as do most people I'm sure. These things are an eye sore! Also, the amount of reviews stating it arrived set to a different language (usually Chinese) and the seller does not respond to your messages asking for help, really discouraged me from purchasing. I then discovered 'desktop' laser engravers, the 2 main companies I found were Flux and Glowforge.

After researching further I found that Glowforge did not offer a rotary attachment and so I could not engrave glassware. It was also clear, from watching YouTube videos, that the fan is very loud while running and I didn't want to get complaints from neighbours.

Flux, however, seemed perfect! Exactly what I needed, neat, quiet and simple to use. I decided to purchase the Flux Beamo from Daemon 3D Print because they are based in Cambridge UK and therefore in my time zone.

Since owning the Flux Beamo I have grown my product list from just glass to... well, anything that I can engrave! If your thinking your business seems very different to mine and personalised, engraved items does not fit in with your brand, that's fine! These machines are used for so many different reasons! I have spoken to a lady who owns a cake making business and was fed up of spending a fortune on cake toppers so now she makes her own with the Beamo. I have spoken to a lady who owns a gift box company and used the Beambox to create amazing wooden boxes. I have spoken to a hobbyist who bought a Beamo to create figurines with a view to possible sell them. There are so many different things you can create with these machines, engraving is just the start!

I would highly recommend Daemon 3D Print to purchase a Flux Laser Cutter. I am a member of Facebook groups for Flux machine users and those that purchased from Amazon have had a really bad time with it. Things missing in the box, air tube broken and the worse thing is they get no support! Daemon 3D Print are registered sellers who are available, friendly and trustworthy.

I purchased with Daemon 3D Print and I am so confident with their products and customer service that I have become a Champion for them. This means I am on hand to answer questions from potential customers about the machines and in return I can give you a discount code when you come to buy.

The code to use is AURORA this give you a discount of around 2%. Also if you purchase before 30th August 2021 you can use code AURORA_EXTRA to get you an extra 5% off give you a huge saving of 7%.

If you have any questions about the flux laser cutters please get in touch! I am always happy to speak about my experience!

J x

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