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If you are interested to know which laser I use for my business keep reading! I am going to briefly explain why I decided to buy this particular laser and how it's going for me so far.

So what laser do I use?

Flux Beamo

I am going to keep this post relatively short, it's aimed at someone who is researching different lasers and just wants a quick overview from someone who has experience using it.

I took my time researching the different lasers on the market, my main requirements where:

  1. User friendly - As someone new to the laser engraving scene I needed one that I could learn to use quickly.

  2. Good Ventilation System - Seeing as the machine would be used in a residential property I needed the smell to be kept to a minimum

  3. Quiet - For the same reason as above

  4. Reliable and Effective - I was willing to spend what I needed to get a decent machine that will assist me in producing exceptional, clean pieces fit for resale.

The first thing that was a huge selling point for me with this machine was that one of the companies selling them are based in Cambridge, UK. I am based in Worthing, UK. Having a company that is in the same time zone as me with no language barrier was a big advantage. My biggest worry was spending thousands on a machine to find that something wasn't working and there is not a huge amount of support. After researching the lasers found on Ebay, one of the biggest complaints was that once you bought the machine you are kind of on your own. A lot of people experienced an issue with the language of their machine being set to Chinese and they had no support on how to change the it.

Seems like a massive set back and something that I personally did not want to risk.

The company I bought my Beamo from are called Daemon 3D Print and their service has been exceptional. I will go into more detail about that in a bit.

The next thing that really sold this for me was the reviews about the noise level. People were really rating how quiet it is and they were not wrong! I have seen a number of YouTube videos with people using the Glowforge and I can't believe how loud that thing is!

The last thing that won me over was the size. As I said, this was to be used in a residential property and so I didn't want an industrial eye sore. The dimensions are 615 x 445 x 177 mm. It fits perfectly on the end of my desk next to my computer.

Quick Review

This laser has given me the opportunity to expand my business. I originally specialised in hand etched glassware and now have the ability to grow my catalogue to include wooden, slate, metal and leather items.

The quality of the engrave is great. It's precise and clean, exactly the standard I was looking for for my customers.

The software, Beam Studio, is incredibly user friendly. I picked it up immediately and I am confident that anyone with a basic understanding of computers will be able to use it. When you first download the software it takes you through your first engraving using a small piece of basswood provided with the machine.

I have had some issues with the rotary attachment which is why I have not mentioned it yet. I am working with Daemon 3D Print to sort this issue and they have been very supportive so far. They always call when they say they will and they are quick to give you a resolution to any issues you are facing. A special thank you to Emma who has been a great communicator for me.

It's important to remember that this is a machine and issues can occur. What's even more important is that they are very quick to tell you how to fix it so you can get back to creating items to sell.

Overall, this machine has been exactly what I was looking for. It's quiet, the smell is minimal at most, it looks great, it runs even better and the software is simple.

If you are a hobbyist or a business owner looking to get into engraving then I would highly recommend this product.

I would love to hear from you! If you have any specific questions I am happy to help. Send me a message through the website or directly to I work by myself all day so a conversation is always welcomed in my little world :)

Thanks for reading

Jasmin x

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