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Updated: Mar 2

Meet the Team

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for checking out my website. My name is Jasmin and I own, design and make all of the etched glasses and laser engraved gifts. I also have the help of my fiancé Charlie who sometimes packages your orders, helps me take them all to the post office and does all the heavy lifting when we get deliveries.


I am the person who creates your orders. I started this business originally making wedding accessories but found I did not have the patience for all of the tiny beads so I researched other crafts I could get into and soon mastered the art of glass etching. Since then I have bought a Flux Beamo Co2 laser engraver (I know, who do I think I am!) and I now engrave wooden, slate and glass items for you to gift to your loved ones.

I love reading, being cosy and cocktails! Frozen strawberry daiquiris are my favourite! Charlie and I travelled to a lot of countries in search of the best strawberry daiquiri and so far Thailand is the winner!


The Laurel to my Hardy, Charlie is the reason this business was started in the first place. He encouraged me to go for it and supported me throughout. He is a painter and decorator by trade but when he comes home he is always happy to help out where he can. Christmas was when he really got involved, packaging orders while I got on with making them. Without that teamwork I would have struggled to fulfil the orders! Charlie loves to cycle, he is going to cycle the Scotland 500 this year (2021) and he loves coffee! Actually, he is quite the coffee snob as you can see -->

My Family

And of course there's my family who have supported me throughout this whole process. Without my sister, Rachel's, mentorship at the start I wouldn't have even known where to begin. My mum, Anne, is my biggest fan and regularly advertises my business to anyone who wants to listen, she also gives me a regular supply of cardboard boxes which saves me a lot of money! My dad, Adrian, is the brains behind the whole family and his problem solving personality has helped massively with the set up and continued use of my laser engraver. My dream is to have them working with me! With my mum on shipping, Rachel dealing with marketing and website development, Dad working on the larger projects like custom wooden signs we'd be the dream team.

Here's to making the dream a reality!

J x

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