About Us

How did the Aurora Effect Start?

The Aurora Effect started because, like so many others, I found myself without a job during the COVID-19 pandemic. My sister had her own company (Luna's Touch) and had been successfully running it for 5 years before realising she wanted to focus more of her time on her twin boys and ultimately closed it down. I quickly found that no one was employing due to the virus and so my fiancé suggested I buy my sisters stock and equipment and give it a go myself. I really had nothing to lose at this point, I have all the time in the world to focus on building a company and so I rebranded it and here we are!

How did the Aurora Effect Start?

I wanted to honour my sisters business and continue her success while also rebranding it to create my vision. My sisters business was called Luna's Touch. In greek mythology Luna is the Goddess of the moon. She has a sister who is the personification of Dawn. Her name is Aurora. The Effect part comes from the idea of the butterfly effect. How a small action can create a ripple effect and cause something huge later on. I lost my job but then created a successful business. That's The Aurora Effect. 

What does The Aurora Effect sell?

We sell glassware which has been engraved/etched either with a design we have created or personalised by you. We currently sell Gin, Wine, Pint, Beer, Whiskey, Shot & Brandy glasses. We are looking to start selling glass trophies soon. 

Where is The Aurora Effect based?

We are currently based in Worthing, West Sussex. 

Can The Aurora Effect make a custom design that is not currently listed on the website?

Absolutely! We have created bespoke glassware for customers in the past and always look forward to creating something completely unique. Contact us on info@auroraeffect.co.uk with your idea and we will make it a reality.